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Requesting CDC Approval

If you want to import your puppy before they are four months of age, the process is to fill out this application and send the application to

The entire CDC application process only takes a few days, so once you receive the flight details, you can go ahead and submit the application. If you are coming to pick up your puppy, you can submit your application about 2 weeks before pick up.
Click on the tabs below to see example sheets of how to fill out the CDC form. Note there are different example forms whether you are picking up at the kennel, flying into Toronto to pickup your puppy or having us ship it to you.

To find out more about the entire process visit this website

While the CDC has the option to decline a confinement agreement and require that people wait until the puppy is vaccinated against Rabies, to date, all requests to import a puppy at eight weeks of age have been granted. The process is very simple.

Simply email your application to CDC and wait for their reply of approval. Once you have their reply please forward it to us

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