94lbs – 25″

Charm 85lbs. – 25″ tall

Charm was originally imported from Italy by one of my friends who breeds Bernese in the US. I then purchased her and she came to live with me at the age of 2 years.

Charm is the sweetest, most loyal, and gentle dog!
She will always be close to her human and loves to interact with people she knows in a very gentle and calm manner.
She is more on the submissive, docile, and reserved side.

She loves the comfort of her home. She loves forest walks but always looks forward to getting back to the kennels where she knows her friends are waiting. She is not the type of dog that loves the hustle and bustle of the city or busy environments. I think this is partly due to being raised in the country but also part of her personality.

She is not hyper, always on the go or always seeking attention and adventure. She is very happy to lay by my feet, relaxing very calmly as I scratch her ears or give her belly rubs.

Charm is not the most confident dog in the kennel. She needs to get to know someone before she interacts and becomes their best friend but give her the day and she will bond to new people and will never forget a face.

Charm is very smart and intuitive. She is very easy to handle and work with.

She never jumps up on us, never barks and is extremely well behaved. It’s like she just knows what we expect and how to be the perfect dog!

We put some of our younger pups in with Charm and she helps raise them as she is the perfect example of how we want our dogs to behave at the kennel and she teaches them well!

The best words to describe Charm are sweet, gentle, affectionate, calm, and submissive.

57 lbs. – 24″ tall

Henley was bred at SwissRidge kennels. Her parents are Leida and Nelson.
Henley has a very relaxed, calm, and gentle personality. She is one of those dogs that just knows what we expect of her and does it. She is not a stubborn or rambunctious dog. She has that type of personality that always wants to please us no matter what it takes! She is a very well-mannered pup and is always on her best behaviour. Even though she is still young she acts like an old soul. We have used her many times to help teach our younger pups in the kennel how to be well behaved. There is someone very special about her that I like imprinted on my other puppies and I like that her energy is able to rub off on my other dogs. She is a fantastic puppy raiser!

Henley has a cuddly personality. She loves to be with people, and she loves affection.

Henley is a quiet dog. I rarely ever hear or bark. She loves to play with the other dogs and loves to go on walks, but she is not a hyper dog and would rather chill and cuddle. Even on our walks she runs up ahead and then lays down and relaxes as we catch up to her.

Henley would make a wonderful therapy dog and I see all the traits in her personality that would excel at therapy dog work.

The best words to describe Henley are smart, intuitive, kind, loving, gentle with a great energy about her.


Ohana 22lbs. – 17″ tall


Ohana was bred and raised at SwissRidge kennels. Her parents are Zepplin and Bones. Both are amazing, proven dogs, who have produced fantastic puppies over the years that our clients have been very happy with. Because of this I decided to keep a puppy from this pairing for my own program.  I’ve been thrilled with Ohana so far! Both Zepplin and Bones are fully health tested and cleared. You can go to their individual pages to see their health testing. Ohana is also fully health tested and cleared. Clearances can be seen below.

Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning family. This little girl suits her name perfectly as she is a huge part of this SwissRidge family and fits into it seamlessly. She has the bubbliest, fun, outgoing, playful, loving and social personality! She is a dog who wants to be everyone’s best friend. If you even give her a sideways glance, she is right in your lap looking for pets. She doesn’t discriminate who she wants love from. She is not a one-person dog. She would go home with anyone and looks for affection from everyone in site.
She is an extremely social pup! She also has a very playful and active personality. She is always up for any adventure. She loves to go on walks and never wants to be left behind. She gets along with all the dogs. I can put her with any play group, and she loves them all! She is small but has a sassy side to her. She can put the big dogs in their place and will stand up for herself if need be. She isn’t a dog who will get bullied, but she is also very respectful to all the other dogs. She fits in very well in group settings.

I can’t wait to share her personality traits with the SwissRidge community through her puppies!



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40 lbs – 21″tall

Lola was bred and raised at SwissRidge kennels. Her parents are Coco and Crumpet. She was the last litter Coco had before retiring.
These lines fall nothing short of amazing. We kept all the puppies from this litter for our breeding program and all of them passed every health clearance (Ford, Ahyokah, Cartier, Dior, Ferris, Frannie, Lola and Viola). This is actually our 2nd breeding between these two. We did it once before in 2015 and also kept all the pups in that litter. They also passed all their health clearances and have been producing amazing temperaments, healthy and gorgeous pups for us over the years. Pups from the 2015 litter where (Annie, Cadbury, Emma, Sundae, Hershey, Grommet and Hanky). You can find many people on our SwissRidge facebook page who have incredible puppies out of these lines!

Lola is a very spicy, spunky, active and outgoing girl. She is full of love, life and adventure. There is never a dull moment around this girl! She is a social butterfly, taking every opportunity to explore her environment, play with her doggy friends and hunting down humans for extra pets and love! She is a happy dog, her tail is always wagging and she is as happy as they come. She always has a positive attitude. She is either wanting to play with the other dogs and my employees or she is trying to outsmart everyone! She has a love for life! She has a bit of a dramatic side to her. If she doesn’t like something she will let it be known to everyone around her.
All in all she is a great pup that would thrive with active people who want a bubbly and fun dog! Watch her video below to see a little more insight into her personality!


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