Ohana 22lbs. – 17″ tall


Ohana was bred and raised at SwissRidge kennels. Her parents are Zepplin and Bones. Both are amazing, proven dogs, who have produced fantastic puppies over the years that our clients have been very happy with. Because of this I decided to keep a puppy from this pairing for my own program.  I’ve been thrilled with Ohana so far! Both Zepplin and Bones are fully health tested and cleared. You can go to their individual pages to see their health testing. Ohana is also fully health tested and cleared. Clearances can be seen below.

Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning family. This little girl suits her name perfectly as she is a huge part of this SwissRidge family and fits into it seamlessly. She has the bubbliest, fun, outgoing, playful, loving and social personality! She is a dog who wants to be everyone’s best friend. If you even give her a sideways glance, she is right in your lap looking for pets. She doesn’t discriminate who she wants love from. She is not a one-person dog. She would go home with anyone and looks for affection from everyone in site.
She is an extremely social pup! She also has a very playful and active personality. She is always up for any adventure. She loves to go on walks and never wants to be left behind. She gets along with all the dogs. I can put her with any play group, and she loves them all! She is small but has a sassy side to her. She can put the big dogs in their place and will stand up for herself if need be. She isn’t a dog who will get bullied, but she is also very respectful to all the other dogs. She fits in very well in group settings.

I can’t wait to share her personality traits with the SwissRidge community through her puppies!


12 lbs. – 14″ tall

Paddy is out of my own breeding between Levi and Kahlua. Both are incredible dogs that produce amazing puppies! Paddy shares some amazing traits from both her parents.

Paddy is an incredibly sweet and loving girl. She quickly acquired the name Princess Paddy. She carries herself upright and poised, with the most regal hop to her step. She is gorgeous and has beautiful Bambi eyes. She learned very quickly how she could make everyone fall in love with her. Regardless of the striking merle colours of her siblings, people always seem to be drawn towards her amazing personality, quickly scooping her up in their arms because she is so small and adorable. She has an irresistible vibe about her! She loves to be cuddled, loves to be held close and will turn her head towards your face to give you a quick kiss before settling into your lap.

Although being the smallest in her litter, this never stopped her. She runs and plays along with the other dogs not noticing how big they might be in comparison. As the other dogs are playing she will run into the group, let out a yip and a quick nibble at someone before running quickly away before they can catch her. This is her way to engage the other dogs to play chase with her. She is energetic outside and fun to be around, while also being a calm, easy going companion to lounge with.

Paddy has the perfect energy and is a nice mix between both her parents. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing puppies she produces!

22 lbs. – 15″ tall

Merlot is a puppy I kept out of my own breeding between Kahula and Levi. Merlot has acquired some amazing qualities from both her parents. She is sweet, kind, gentle and affectionate with a soft personality like Kahlua. Her soft personality is sprinkled with an ounce of spunk that comes from Levi. She has the best of both worlds and her personality is very versatile. She is a dog that is happy to sleep on her dog bed all day or lay in our laps for belly rubs but when it’s play time she loves to run, play and roll in the grass.

On top of her amazing personality her coloring is so unique. We call her coloring “blue merle” and if you study her pictures closely you can see the blue tinge throughout her coat. She is drop dead gorgeous. Everything about this girl is very unique. She has a beautiful build and the cutest face.


24 lbs. – 16″ tall

Malibu was born and raised at our kennel. Her parents are Kahlua and Levi who are also listed on our website with information/pictures and health clearances. Malibu is such a sweetheart! When she meets you she will sit directly in front of you and stare up at you with the most loving gaze until you just have to pet her. From her stunning color to her adorable personality she is impossible to resist. She is loving, sensitive and affectionate. She always seems to know how we are feeling. She is a very intuitive dog! She always seems to know how we are feeling and if we want to play with her or need affection from her! She is very affectionate, loves to curl up in our lap and will stay there for as long as we pet her. She has a very loving, sweet, caring and affectionate personality.

She is also very gentle and calm and would be the perfect dog for first time dog owners as she has been a breeze to raise from puppy to adult!

Malibu’s favourite game is fetch. When I pick up a toy and ask her “ready?”, she braces herself and gets low to the ground, getting ready to run in whichever direction the toy goes. As I throw the toy she runs as fast as she can, beating everyone to it and quickly running back, dropping the toy at your feet while getting ready to run again. She just loves to race everyone for the toy, carrying it proudly back, showing you that she got it.

Malibu is everything I strive for in the dogs I breed – gorgeous, smart, affectionate and healthy!

18 lbs. – 14″ tall

Mia is an incredibly smart girl. You can teach her anything in just a few short training sessions. She is the trick dog of the kennel. She knows how to sit, down, come, touch, up, speak, dance, sit pretty, stay, wave, high five and leave it. She loves to work for food and learn new things. We always say Mia is like a little person in a fur coat. When she looks at you with her big brown eyes it’s like you are looking into a humans soul. She has a very soft, loving and gentle personality with people and loves to be snuggled. The closer she can be to you the better, Being snuggled up on your lap is her favorite place to be.

With other dogs she likes to be the leader of the pack. She is a calm and confident leader to her pack members. She likes things to stay calm and keeps the energy level low when playing with the other dogs.

Mia is the type of dog almost anyone can own. She is perfect in everyway, smart, confident, social and affectionate. You will not be disappointed with one of her pups as they seem to be turning out just like their mom.

Zepplin 18 lbs. – 14″ tall

Zepplin is an amazing Australian labradoodle from a breeder friend whom I know and trust very well. Wookie, Kahlua, and Zepplin are all from this kennel.

Zepplin is such a gentle soul and one of the calmest dogs at SwissRidge. She never gets overly excited about anything. She may have a short burst of energy when she’s playing with the other dogs, but soon after will wiggle her way onto your lap and fall asleep, or heel perfectly beside you while you walk. She has been like this since the day I got her at eight weeks of age.

When we take the dogs for walks off-leash, I’m always looking in the distance at most of the other dogs romping and playing with each other, but Zepplin is nowhere to be found. I have to remind myself that she’s right next to me! Her temperament is such an amazing part of her, but also look at her coloring! She is one of the most striking dogs I’ve ever seen in my life. Her coat is a merle phantom. I have only ever seen a handful of dogs like this.

Before the SwissRidge Grand Opening, my dentist came to the kennel to visit the dogs. I only had about 15 dogs at the kennel at the time, but he met, played, and sat on the ground with all of them. When Zepplin saw him, she immediately crawled into his lap, gave him a few kisses, then closed her eyes and relaxed while he gently patted her. She absolutely stole his heart in a matter of 20 minutes! Now prior to my upcoming appointments, he reminds me to bring Zepplin in with me so that he can get his doggie fix.

I have a long list of people who would love to adopt her when she retires, but she’s a keeper. Everything about her is striking and I really look forward to sharing her amazing pups with the SwissRidge family!

Kahlua 20lbs. – 14″ tall

Kahlua is a gorgeous Australian labradoodle. She has the most beautiful chocolate merle color with a unique wave to her coat. Kahlua is so striking that she turns heads when she walks by. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had people comment on her beautiful markings.

Not only is she beautiful, but she also has the most sensitive, loving, and affectionate personality. Some dogs are like little people in fur coats, and if you’re lucky enough to have known one, you know what I’m talking about. Kahlua is just like that. It’s like she can see into your soul. She seems to understand everything I’m saying and she expresses her feelings back through her eyes.

Kahlua and I have an unbreakable bond. When we go for walks, she never leaves my side. Even if the pack runs ahead, she is right beside me. She never lets me out of her line of sight and is very attached to me. She loves the other dogs, but her affection for people is much stronger. She would rather be snuggled with me than romping outside with the other dogs.

Kahlua has discovered a love for the water. She will sit on a floating bed in the pool for hours, jumping in just to make a big splash. She has a fun-loving spirit and isn’t afraid to use it. She is such a joy to watch. Her personality, coupled with her gorgeous looks, makes her an absolute heartthrob. I’m so strongly attached to this girl that she will stay at SwissRidge with me long after she’s retired from our breeding program.

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