Ellie 40 lbs. – 18″ tall

Ellie is a stunning, tri-coloured, mini Bernedoodle out of Crumpet & Pandora.

Her mother, Pandora was bred at our kennel and so was her grandmother (Nellar).  Ellies great grandfather Daiko was the 2nd male Bernese I owned, who I imported from Belgium. As you can tell I’m personally familiar with her lines 4 generations back on her moms side. Ellie’s father Crumpet has proven himself in producing amazing, fun, playful and healthy pups at our kennel since 2015. He has sired many pups that I have kept back for my breeding program!

Ellie reminds me a lot of her mother. She has the Bernese personality that is loving, loyal and relaxed. She has some energy when running around outside but I know if it where up to her she would rather be sleeping in a comfy bed next to a fire. The thing I love most about her is her sweet nature and her soft and caring eyes. She is a dog that would be good for a household with young children or someone who has no experience with dogs. She is one of those dogs that you don’t have to train, she is just a good dog. She is patient and never barks. She is calm and rarely jumps on us. She sits patiently for pets. She is loyal, loving and would sit on your foot all day for love and attention. This is a typical Bernese trait. Ellie occasionally goes swimming with the staff at SwissRidge but prefers to wear a life jacket and float around rather than swimming, it’s quite funny to see! I wouldn’t say she loves the water, but she tolerates it.
Ellies best friends are Kinder and Maeve. They are the three amigos that play together in the yard, share toys, go for walks together and are always sleeping and cuddling on the same bed.

Ellie recently had her first litter and she was an amazing first-time mom! She took incredibly good care of her puppies, kept them well fed, clean and was very loving and protective towards them. She has a very nurturing nature about her.
That first litter is older now and feedback from people that have puppies from that litter is that they are sweet puppies that have blessed their lives and brought them lots of love and joy!

42lbs. – 22″

Kinder is a beautiful, unique coloured f1b Bernedoodle out of Cadbury and Henry. She was bred and raised at SwissRidge. We own both her parents and we also own her grandparents Coco and Crumpet.  We also own many of her aunts and uncles (Hanky, Grommet, Emma, Sundae, Hershey, Annie, Maeve, Ellie, Luxor). It’s so nice to own so many dogs out of the same lines because we know know that all these dogs have passed clearances and we are able to see pretty quickly if these lines produce healthy puppies. From what I have seen I’ve been very impressed with the health and temperaments these lines have produced!

Kinder has the kindest soul! She is easily one of the sweetest, gentle, kind and loving girls we have in the kennel. Not only is she adorably cute, Kinder is a very kind and sensitive girl and feels what you are feeling when you are with her. If you are sad, Kinder can sense this and is a quiet, loving presence. She is never pushy for love, she will just lay on your lap and let you pet her as you please, but lets you know she is there. She is a very gentle dog. She has a soft, gentle, loving, sweet and submissive personality! Kinder is not the kind of dog to rough house with dogs or people. She is a submissive girl who plays with her friends in the yard and gets along with any dog you introduce her to, but she prefers to play gently. She would make an incredible emotional support or therapy dog. Kinder loves being spoken to in a sweet voice and when you do this she squints her eyes, lifts up her lips and smiles while her tail wags uncontrollably. She will then roll over to show you her belly for belly rubs! Kinder is extremely easy going and is willing to do pretty much anything you ask her to do, she loves to please her people. On a pack walk out on the trails, kinder prefers to stay back and walk with the people. She never wonders up ahead or lets us out of her sight. She sticks close to our sides! Kinder’s best friend in the kennel is Ellie. They are two peas in a pod who love to spend every moment of the day together, whether this is having a bath, going for a walk, playing in the yard… and especially cuddling and sleeping on their bed together. Kinder is a great mom to her puppies, keeping them well fed, clean and very loved. I can’t help but think that her extremely kind, sweet and loving nature will pass on to her puppies and make very happy families. 

Kinder loves comfort and even though she likes playing in the snow for a short time she would prefer being in a warm environment, curled up on her bed. She is a dog that has unconditional love for her owners and is very loyal. With strangers it may take her some time to get comfortable but eventually she will say Hi and get them to rub her belly.

She is a dog with an extremely easy, sweet and gentle personality!

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