Ophelia 85 lbs. – 26″ tall

Ophelia is a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog who I imported from Europe.
She has a slightly smaller build then some of my other European Bernese but she is just as stunning. Her pedigree is outstanding. It is full of Good/Excellent hip ratings. Ophelia’s breeder is just as picky as myself when it comes to breeding high quality dogs. He does the same amount of testing as I do on the Bernese.
Ophelia’s parents have all been testing for hips, elbows, eyes, shoulders, heart, Vwd and DM. This is a great feeling to know that the puppies that Ophelia produces have ancestors tested many generations back and for a number of health ailments that the breed is prone to.

Ophelia also comes from a long line of Champions in her pedigree and some very well-known bloodlines. She has both health and beauty in her pedigree. Ophelia’s mother turned 11 years old this year (2020) which is a good age for a Bernese so you know she has longevity in her pedigree as well! I also own Ophelia’s full brother Odin and a few of her other brother went to breeders in America. I keep in touch with these breeders and all her brothers have passed their health clearances. This proves she comes from healthy lines in both her horizontal and vertical pedigree. It is a great feeling to know that her siblings have passed their clearances!

Ophelia has the sweetest personality! She is the type of dog that loves to be loved but she is not to much dog. She doesn’t seem pushy and she doesn’t have that stubborn nature that I see in some Bernese. She listens, she is polite and most of all she is gentle. She knows she is a big dog and will not try to get on your lap. She respects space. She will lean up against us for a pet but will not try to jump in our lap. She has a gentle, sweet and loving nature. She gets along with all the dog in the kennel. She does well with more outgoing dogs and will match their play style but if she is with a calmer/older dog that doesn’t want to play she will just lay beside them and relax. She will not egg them on.

Ophelia is the type of dog that likes to be active but doesn’t need to go for a run everyday. She will go for trail walks, but she doesn’t have a ton of energy.  She would be happy laying by her owner’s feet being pet all day. She is an easy dog and has an amazing personality.





100lbs – 23″

Ginger is a big softy. She lets all the other dog’s boss her around and wouldn’t stick up for herself if her life depended on it. She is as quite as a church mouse and in the years she has been at SwissRidge she has never let out a bark. She gets along with all the other dogs in the kennel. She is the type of dog that doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She has a very gentle, loving, relaxed and motherly personality. She is an amazing mother to her puppies. She cares about them to the ends of the earth. She always makes sure they are accounted for, she separates them into different piles and rotates each pile to nurse.
When the puppies are older they sometimes take advantage of her gentle nature because she has a hard time disciplining them and telling them no.

Ginger is a one person dog. She loves her owners but with new people it will take her sometime to warm up to them. She is not a dog that will go home with any stranger. It can take time to gain her trust but once you have earned her love and trust she will be your best friend.

One funny thing about Ginger is she has one piece of hair that stands up on the top of her head. No matter what we do we can’t get rid of it. Her nick name at the kennel is Alfalfa.

Ginger has had a few litters in the past and her puppies are typically fun, playful, affectionate, and social puppies.



95lbs – 24.5″


Everyone gets confused on how to say Greenwich’s name so we will start with that. It’s pronounced “gren-itch” not “green- which”, lol. Greenwich was named after the town Greenwich in Connecticut. Many SwissRidge dogs live in Greenwich with so many of my amazing clients. I thought it would be a great tribute to name one of my pups after their town!

Greenwich can be described as a free spirit. She does what she wants, when she wants. She is an active, outgoing, and playful dog. She loves to run, play, and socialize with the other dogs. She loves playing with all the other dogs. She will roughhouse with them for about 20 minuets before she gets tired and relaxes under a tree.

She loves going for walks and is great off leash. She will run ahead for a bit and then run back to check-in. She will run up to any human, sit on their foot and lean into them for pets. She is the life of the party. She is as happy as can be everyday, all day and even at 4am in the morning. Her tail is always wagging, and she always wants someone to pet her or pay attention to her.

In the yard she can often be found laying down under the trees enjoying the breeze or laying down enjoying the snow, she loves being outside and often tries to hide outside in her run or behind the trees so she doesn’t have to come inside. She is fun and outgoing and loves to be out in the yard or on a pack walk with her friends. She is a very loving and gentle mother who enjoys spending time with her puppies, even when offered some alone time she prefers to stay with her pups. Greenwich has your typical Bernese mountain dog traits, she loves to sit on your foot and get a good massage, when you stop petting her she doesn’t hesitate to give you her paw very gently to remind you to keep going.  In Greenwich’s retirement, I can definitely see her living in a family with children of any age or being an amazing therapy dog. She loves all people and dogs unconditionally and she has an amazing spirit!

The best words to describe Greenwich are fun, active, and social.








103lbs – 24″

Moana is a stunning Bernese from a very good friend of mine who produces very high-quality Bernese. Moana’s lines originate from Europe. Her grandparents are from Belgium on her mother’s side and on her father’s side they originate from France. She has a pedigree stacked full of large, solid, beautiful European Bernese Mountain dogs! Her pedigree is also full of Multi Champions and all dogs in her 5 generations pedigree have been fully health tested and cleared for hips and elbows. Her mother is currently 7 years old (in 2020) and her father is 5 years old (in 2020). Her pedigree seems to have long loved and healthy lines.

Moana is a dog who loves life. She is higher energy for a Bernese. She enjoys going for runs, chasing and wrestling the other dogs. On a hot days, in the summer she has low energy and will relax and pant under a tree. On a cool day and in the winter she will go for a full forest walk and still wants to play when she gets back. She is great with all the other dogs (big and small) and has a really nice, sweet and playful energy about her. She is an easy dog to handle and be around and is very loving and affectionate. She is in heaven while being pet and will lean into us with her Bernese lean!
We just love this energetic goofy ball and I know she is going to produce the most amazing puppies!



94lbs – 23.4″

Nova is a very special dog at SwissRidge. I have known dogs in her linage going back 5 generations and over 16 years. Nova’s great grandmother (Nellar) was born at SwissRidge and was out of Daiko, a dog who I imported from Belgium in 2004. He was the most magnificent Bernese and was the gold standard of what every Bernese should act and look like! He was a dog that left an impression and if you met him you would never forget that adorable face and amazing personality! Nellar’s mom Veruschka was imported from Slovakia.  Nova’s great grandfather (Dominque Benoit ) was a French import.
I have been very lucky to have owned some of the most magnificent Bernese over the last 2 decades that are now being mixed into my Bernedoodle lines. Nova’s lines are top quality from some of the best European kennels in the world! All health clearances have been done over 5+ generations back. This pays off because Nova has EXCELLENT hips which is not a common hip score in Bernese! It is very satisfying to know dogs in these lines personally and know that they are solid and healthy dogs!

Nova mostly takes after Nellar and Daiko. I see so many of their qualities shining through in her! Nova is confident, sweet, loving, active and adventurous. She is one of those dogs that is always in a good mood. She is happy to see any person and expresses her love by jumping up and giving a huge hug as she wraps her thick arms around our waist (if you let her). If you tell her “off” she will just bounce up and down almost two feet in the air in front of you trying to contain her excitement!  She loves to run, play, and bounce. She has lots of energy for a Bernese. She loves trail walks and loves to explore the forest on these walks. She is full of adventure and curiosity! On hot summer days her energy level is lower, but in the winter, you see her true character come out. She adores the snow and will roll her body and face in it until she is completely covered head to tail! She is the type of dog that loves everything she has experienced in life and will follow her owner into any situation happily. There is only one thing she doesn’t love and that’s the pool. It’s defiantly her weakness, but she does sit by the edge while she watches us swim. She hasn’t worked up the nerve to go in yet, but we do work every summer getting her use to the water. It is typical for Bernese not to like the water. Nova is very affectionate and isn’t afraid to show her love for her owners. She sits on our feet and leans all her weight into us as we scratch her ears (typical Bernese).

Nova is an amazing mother and takes great care of her puppies and teaches them how to be good dogs. You can see her correct them when need be, and she shows them and guides them how to be kind to one another. They pick up on her confident and kind nature. She tends to produce thick puppies (like herself) with more of a Bernese build.

89lbs – 25″ tall


Onyx is the kennel tomboy of all the female dogs. She is fun, athletic and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. On walks she likes to make sure she gets all 4 feet in every puddle or muddy area. Onyx was imported from Hungary alongside her sister Opal and friend from another litter, Octavia. These three girls have proven themselves to be not only beautiful and stocky but have great temperaments too. Onyx can be a little bit shy of new people at first, but quickly warms up and is extremely loyal to her people. When out for pack walks with the other dogs at SwissRidge she prefers to stay close to her people, sometimes even walking right beside you so you can rest your hand on her head or pet her while she walks. She is the type off dog what puts her full trust in her humans and rely’s on them for comfort. Once she trust you she will be your best friend forever! She is a very affectionate girl and is always the first to greet us. She loves to be loved, she loves to give you big bear hugs but also knows when to be calm and gentle and could sit and be pet or brushed for hours. She is not a overly pushy dog. She is calm, gentle and always waits her turn. Onyx is a very goofy girl, she likes to make you laugh. When she goes out into the yard for play time the first thing she does is run and grab the big jolly ball and carries it around in her mouth while she does her business so that no one else can take the toy she wants. While the other girls in her play group are wrestling and running around, Onyx can often be found running around behind them with her ball in her mouth. Onyx is very athletic and enjoys hiking and playing fetch and is up for any adventure except swimming (not many Bernese enjoy swimming). Onyx hates the water. As much as we have tried to get her to enjoy swimming she would just rather watch everyone else having fun in the water.  Onyx is a very sweet girl and I can’t wait to see the puppies she produces!



Octavia was imported from Europe at 3 months of age. She has developed into a beautiful, stocky, well built Bernese. I purchased Octavia and two other dogs from the same kennel, at the same time, Onyx and Opal.  I like to purchase a few pups from the same lineage so I can evaluate the temperaments and genetics of the lines I’m breeding. Not only was I able to make sure that their vertical pedigree met my requirements by researching parentage, but by purchasing siblings I’m also able to see what their horizontal pedigree is like by evaluating and health testing the siblings in the litter. Since I own 3 siblings in this litter it made this process easy. I’m happy to announce that all 3 of these dogs passed all their health clearances.

Not only does Octavia have a long history of health tested lineage she is also a stunning bernese with a stocky build. She has an amazing personality. She is easy going, friendly with all dogs and people, smart, attentive and willing to work for treats. She is a people pleaser. A lot of bernese can have stubborn streak but I do not see this in her lineage. She is very friendly, loves everyone and will do anything for a treat. I know we aren’t suppose to have favourites but Octavia and my personalities are in sync and we vibe very well. She is everything I love to see in the Bernese I carefully select for my breeding program.

Octavia has recently passed her health clearances and will be joining the SwissRidge program on a trial basis as I evaluate the puppies she produces.


85lbs – 22″ tall

Isabella is a sweet, loving, social girl. She came to SwissRidge when she was just over a year old. She has become best friends with all the dogs at the kennel and adores all her caregivers. She has a spice for life. She lights up every room she enters and is always up for chasing a ball, playing with her friends in the snow or going for a long hike. During down time she loves to sleep on her back, upside down with her legs sprawled out. This girl knows how to get comfy. She has more of the American style build vs. the European build (which most of the bernese at SwissRidge are). She is lighter/shorter then my other girls and has a smaller frame.
She has produced a few litters of stunning puppies. From what I have seen so far I’m very happy with what she has produced in terms of look/temperament of her puppies!

87lbs – 22″ tall

Sophia is such a sweet girl. She is smaller than most of the Bernese in the kennel as she has the American build and not the European build. 95% of the Bernese in the kennel are from Europe and have the European build. Sophia’s pups may be a bit smaller in stature than some of the pups from our other dogs.

I purchased Sophia as a 1 year old with her friend Isabella. Both pups came from the same kennel. Sophia is the more reserved one of the two and always lets Isabella take the lead. They are best friends and are always stuck to each others side. If we try to take Sophia for a walk she will run back to wait for Isabella. They have a very strong connection since they have been together since they were pups. Sophia has a very loyal and affectionate personality. She is calm and loves chilling around the kennel. She doesn’t bark or jump or make a fuss over anything. She is a very easy and loving pup. She would fit very well into any type of family. She has produced a few amazing litters and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of her pups!


85 lbs. – 25.5″ tall

Texas is a stunning Bernese mountain dog out of my mother’s lines, and is the third generation bred at her kennel. We have been hand-selecting only the best Bernese to breed over the last decade. Her parents are Willow and Duc. Duc is a stunning dog, imported from an award-winning kennel in France. I had the opportunity to visit the kennel and hand-pick him from the litter. Duc’s lines are health-tested over five generations back, so this kennel is only breeding the best. They also participate in cutting-edge genetic research testing for cancer markers in the breed. This research is so important and since many of these tests are not available in Canada, I often go overseas when expanding my lines. Willow is from my mom’s lines and bred right at her kennel. She is an amazing, loving, calm, and very social girl. For more information on these dogs, you can visit my mother’s website at

Texas is from very strong, healthy, and well-tempered lines that I have had the privilege of knowing for many generations. There is so much more to breeding dogs than putting two dogs together and seeing what happens. It is of utmost importance to be selective in the process and well informed of a dog’s pedigree. When I look at the lineage, it is important for me to look at health and structure, and to learn as much as I can about the dogs’ temperaments as well. Bernese are known to have several health problems, so it’s critical for a breeder to conduct extensive research into the pedigree. All of the dogs that make up these lines have been imported from the best kennels around the world, including kennels in France and Slovakia. I decided to keep three puppies – Cuddles, Tubbers, and Texas – from this litter because of how much I adore their parents.

Texas is a beautiful girl with a regal stature. She stands tall and proud and loves to show off her stride to anyone willing to watch. Texas has a vibrant personality and likes to be the center of attention. She is a big teddy bear who wants love and to please her humans. She is a quick study, and enjoys any interaction time with dogs or people. She is very smart, coming in 2nd place in our training competition that we had at the kennel. She is calm and collected most of the time, except when she is racing around the yard with her doggy friends. She loves to run and play with her best friend and sister Cuddles, and then cools off with a nice hose shower. Texas is a loyal girl, and is very curious. Quite often she forgets her size in comparison to mine, and I find myself with a 100-pound lap dog! Her personality is as big as she is, and I can’t wait to see what this girl will accomplish and what wonderful surprises she will give me throughout the years.


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