67lbs. – 24″ tall


Most people, if they had to guess they would think Lilah was a long and lanky Bernese Mountain Dog but believe it or not she is a Golden Mountain Doodle. Her mother is Penelope (Bernedoodle) and her father is Mogley (Goldendoodle). This lovely girl has a mix of Golden Retriever, Poodle and Bernese. She gets her unique coat because she inherited one straight coated gene from her mother and one straight coated gene from her father. So instead of looking like a poodle or a doodle she resembles more of a Bernese or Retriever due to her straight coat. The most amazing part about her coat is even though it is straight she barely sheds! Her coat is as soft as velvet but you will not find it all over your clothes after a snuggle or pet.

Lilah is a awesome pup. She is everything I love to see in the dogs I breed. She has a social, fun, loving personality. She is one of those dogs that is such an easy keeper. She is quite, never makes much of a fuss, rarely barks and I can put her out in every playgroup and she is everyone’s best friend. She has the perfect personality to be a therapy dog as she is willing to please, gentle, confident and affectionate. She has the personality that would fit in with any household. Even with a family that has never had a dog before or a family that may have a child who is scared of dogs. I say this because she is so gentle and sweet she would help anyone gain confidence around a dog. I’m looking forward to her pups blessing many families as she has been such an amazing addition to our family!

SwissRidge Golden Mountain Doodle

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