Vienna 75 lbs. – 21″ tall

Vienna is a dog that was bred and born at SwissRidge. Her parents are Kyla and Sir Henry.

I kept two pups out of this litter, Veinna and Rosie. This was Kyla’s last litter before retirement.  Vienna is a 3rd generation Golden retriever bred at SwissRidge. Kylas parents where Clea, Clea was such an amazing dog. She had an extremely calm nature and was hands down one of the easiest and most obedient dogs ever. You literally never had to train her. She was just good from day one. Kyla (Veinna’s mom) had a similar personality to Clea. Monty is Kyla’s dad, Vienna’s grandfather. I imported him from Spain years ago. His father was the top winning dog in all of Spain in 2004. Monty didn’t fall far from the tree because he won his Canadian Championship title in only a few weeks. I remember all the breeders wanting to use him for stud because of his beauty and how quickly he won his Championship title. He surprised everyone and was a very special dog.

Sir Henry, Vienna’s father was imported from Germany. He has produced some outstanding Golden retriever and Goldendoodle pups. He is currently 11 years old (in 2021) and still going strong! He is healthy, keeps up with all the young dogs and is still producing pups at SwissRidge. 

Vienna takes after her moms leaner body style but her fathers personality.

Vienna is an outgoing dog. She is brave, confident, has energy and she loves adventure.  

When comparing her to other Golden retrievers in my kennel she is on the more active side. She needs her daily trail walks and she loves to play in the yard with the toys and her friends. Vienna lives for her walks, she runs through the forest and explores. When we are walking to the trails we first put the dogs on a leash as we walk through the parking lot, before they get off leash access. She enjoys holding the leashes in her mouth and will help walk the others. She is very good off-leash and will wonder ahead but comes immediately when called. Once she has had her energy drained she settles quickly but everyone at the kennel knows, and makes sure she gets her daily exercise. Vienna adores all dogs and people. She is the most loving dog. She loves to cuddle with either people or her friends.

She is a gentle dog with a loving and soft nature. She is extremely kind to all the other dogs. She will share her toys, bring the other dogs toys and drop them in front of them to try and get them to play. She also brings us toys and will drop them right by our feet wanting us to throw them so she can retrieve them. She has that typical retriever personality.

Both Veinna and Rosie (her sister) are the 2 dogs in the kennel that love the water the most. They would hang out by the pool all day. They have no fear when it comes to the water. When we throw a ball into the pool, they leap in and retrieve it. They are both naturals and have loved the pool since day one.

Vienna is the type of dog who loves adventure and will follow her owners into any new situation. If you are hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, camping or riding a bike she is the type of dog that will be the first to get up and go. She has no problem keeping up either! She is a fun and happy dog!

All in all Vienna is amazing. She has your typical retriever personality in almost every way although she has more energy then most of my English retrievers. The best words to describe her are fun, happy, fearless, adventurous and energetic.


Rosie 72 lbs. – 20″ tall

Rosie has some America retriever and some English retriever in her. She is a beautiful combination of both. She is the 3rd generation bred at our Kennel. Her grandmother Clea (an America Retriever) was one of the pioneer dogs at SwissRidge. She was the sweetest and calmest golden. In the 13 years I owned her I never heard a bark and she never once jumped. She followed me like a shadow, always on my left side. You couldn’t find a more relaxed dog than Clea. When I retired her I decided to have one litter of Golden retrievers between Clea and Monty (my stunning English Retriever male who I imported from Spain). He was a Canadian Champion and received this title under 1 year of age! He was the most beautiful dog and a huge goof ball. Clea x Monty had a gorgeous litter of retriever puppies and I kept a few pups from this litter one of which was Kyla (Rosie’s mom). Kyla has the temperament of Clea – calm, easy going and such a love! When Kyla was about to retire I bred her to Henry and they had a beautiful litter of 3 pups (2 Females and 1 Male). I kept both females (Rosie and Vienna). Both of which have turned into gorgeous, healthy dogs with amazing personalities. As you can see I have owed these lines for almost 20 years and they have been producing healthy and beautiful puppies for us for over 2 decades. They are strong, healthy, long lived, beautiful and well bred lines. They have been tested for genetic disease generation after generation.

Rosie is a spunky girl! I would say she has more of an outgoing and bubbly personality then her grandmother Clea and her mother Kyla although when Kyla was young she acted more like Rosie! Rosie loves to wrestle, pounce and chase the other dogs. It is always fun play. She knows how to get along with all the dogs and knows what energy to give each dog. She knows which dogs she can play rough with and which dogs she needs to be calmer and gentle around. I can put her in any playgroup and she is always a gem. All dogs love Rosie and she loves all the dogs. I would say she is best describe as the kid in the school yard who gets along with everyone and wants to be everyone’s friend. She never bullies and is always very positive.

Another one of Rosie’s favourites things to do is swim in our salt water pool during the summer. She loves the water and would be in there all day if she could. She jumps off the side retrieving her toys in the water and bringing them back to us so we can throw them in again! She could do this all day.

Rosie is very good off leash. She comes when called and listens on off leash walks. She never strays far and always checks in. She is the perfect dog as she is playful but can chill and enjoys love and affection from her humans. This is one quality we look for in all our breeding dogs!

60 lbs. – 21″ tall

is an English golden retriever that we imported from Europe when she was 8 weeks old. She comes from a long line of hip/elbow tested parents that we have traced back over 4 generation.  Lagertha is pronounced (“leg-a-tha”). We named her after the shield maiden in the show Vikings, the first and ex-wife of Ragnar Lothbrok and the second Queen of Kattegat.Lagertha is very smart and knows all her basic commands. One of our trainers raised her in their home until she was 1 year of age. She is a great family dog, loves other dogs and loved our trainers grandchildren.

She goes for off leash walks and has fun romping in the forest and fields of the property but she never wanders to far and always checks in with us. She plays with a group of 15 dogs and is lower ranking in the pack. She gets along with everyone and loves every dog. With people she loves most people but can be unsure of people that she doesn’t know. She does warm up eventually once she trusts them. She is not a dog that would jump in the car and go home with any person. She is loyal to the people that she knows and trusts. She loves belly rubs and loves affection.

Lagertha has passed all her clearances and is joining our breeding program on a trial basis as we evaluate the puppies she produces. She has had one litter and I have been thrilled with the temperaments of her pups so far.

65 lbs. – 19″ tall

Sansa, along with her sister Daenerys, is an English golden retriever who I imported from Europe from a breeder I know quite well. She comes from very long lines of health-tested dogs and her pedigree is packed with champions. I am never disappointed with the dogs I receive from this breeder. I always get first pick of litter, which is a great perk and the puppies they produce are always sweet, loving, gentle puppies, just like their parents!

Sansa has the personality that is typical of most retrievers, sweet, calm, gentle and loving! She is a happy, go-lucky dog and it seems like she is always smiling and full of life! She is a very easy dog to be around as she has a calming demeanor about her. She is very intelligent and is always looking to please us. She is not stubborn or strong willed. She loves to play with us and the other dogs.

Sansa’s favourite game is jumping up and catching the water that is sprayed out of the hose. She also likes rolling in the snow in the winter and swimming in the pool and going for long, off leash hikes in the summer! She is a dog that gets along with everyone and has many friends in the kennel. No body can resist Sansa’s charming nature!

Sansa has a beautiful, cream colored, soft coat. She is a beautiful girl that turns heads wherever she goes!

75 lbs. – 21″ tall

Daenerys is a beautiful English retriever that was imported from Europe. She came with her sister Sansa. I have never had two dogs that look so similar. They are identical twins. They are identical in every way except Daenerys is a tad bigger.

Daenerys is named after Daenerys Targaryen, the fictional character from game of thrones. Our Daenerys at SwissRidge has some similar characteristics. She is engaging, charming, loyal and brave. There is nothing you can not love about Daenerys. She will win you over with her charm every time. She is a calm, gentle and confident dog. She is not pushy for attention but does enjoy a cuddle and ear scratch. Daenerys is very smart and easily picks up on new tricks. She is a dog that wants to please her owners and doesn’t seem stubborn when learning new things. She has a beautiful, full, cream colored coat. Daenerys is a dog that would fit well into any family because of her loving, gentle, easy going and confident personality.

SwissRidge Golden Retriever

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