41lbs – 19.5″tall




62lbs – 22″tall


Luxor is a pup out of Adelyn and Crumpet. We have owned 5 generations of Luxor’s lineage and we have owned his lineage for 17 years (in 2021)! He comes from a long line of stunning, health tested dogs that we have had the opportunity to own personally and evaluate every single one! Luxor’s grandparents are Jacqueena and Duc. Duc is a stunning dog, imported from an award-winning kennel in France. I had the opportunity to visit the kennel and hand-pick him from the litter. Duc’s lines are health-tested over five generations back. This kennel only breeds the best. They also participate in cutting-edge genetic research testing for cancer markers in the breed. This research is so important, and since many of these tests are not available in Canada, we often go overseas when expanding our lines.

Luxor’s grandmother, Jacqueena, is a large, exquisite dog. She was bred at my mother’s kennel, and her parents are Nellar and Dominique. Dominique and Duc are from the same kennel in France. Nellar was also bred at my mother’s kennel – her parents are Veruschka, who was imported from an award-winning kennel in Slovakia, and Daiko, who was imported from Belgium in 2004. I can say I know Luxor’s lines like the back of my hand and he has a long lineage of beautiful dogs inside and out!

Luxor is a magnificent dog! He is all Berner, wrapped in a smaller package, who doesn’t shed! Does it get any better? He is a solid, big boned dude with a blocky head. You can’t tell there is much poodle in him but believe it or not he is half poodle. He gets his looks from his mom but he gets his fun, goofy, adventurous and more outgoing personality from his dad. The best way to describe him is a Bernese looking dog with a poodle personality, if that makes sense?

Luxor is the type of dog that doesn’t let anything stand in his way. He is full of life and he loves to have fun. He has no fear and will check out any object and go up to any person for pets. He is fearless! He wants to play with every dog that comes in his path and give every person a big lick on the face. He is an affectionate dog and loves to show it. He is also an agile dog. I would say the only thing stopping him from being more agile is his Bernese body. Luxor has the best type of personality for an active family that enjoy’s the outdoors and likes to involve their dog. He has produced a few litters of pups and people have been very happy with them.

37lbs. – 20″ tall

McGregor is handsome and he knows it!  He is currently being fostered by one of my employee’s, but is still being used in the breeding program when needed. This is what his foster mom has to say about him “He is full of life, energetic and has quite the rare and unique personality.  He can often be found playing with his Golden Retriever friend Zara, where his idea of initiating play is by putting every toy he owns into her mouth so she will play tug of war with him.  He also has become quite fond of the cat where they play chase most days (the cat always wins).

He is very cuddly, smart and offers so much love and affection that you simply cannot get enough of his cuddles (because he wouldn’t have it any other way).  He loves to learn new tricks and will often do them with no command (to get his treats faster). He also has a paw that has a mind of its own,  he offers it up anytime you pass by or uses it to get your attention for some petting.

McGregor loves his walks, enjoys meeting other dogs and he absolutely loves to play.  One of his favourite things to do when we enter the door is to find something nearby that he can bring to us (like a toy or a slipper) he is just so kind and thoughtful.  He makes us laugh so much……. he has such a fun character.

This pup is one of kind, he captured our hearts the moment we met him and our lives are so much richer with him in it.”

Henry 80 lbs. – 25″ tall

Henry was the first male bernedoodle I brought into my breeding program. He is so affectionate, loyal, loving, and protective. He is my big tri-colored teddy bear!

Anywhere we go, Henry goes with the flow. He’s a great traveler, and has joined us on our long road trip to Florida. He managed to sleep the whole way, and arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to enjoy the dog parks, beaches, and camping. He attracted attention everywhere we went and posed in many photos with complete strangers!

Pearl is one of my retired Bernese mountain dogs, and is completely infatuated with Henry. Henry gets along well with all the other dogs, and will play with any dog that’s up for a romp. He isn’t much of a swimmer like his other furry companions, but he will get his feet wet and splash around a bit.

His coat is exactly what I want to see in a bernedoodle – soft, wavy, and non-shedding. Overall, he has taken the best of both breeds, with the stocky good looks of the Bernese and the intelligence and goofy character of the poodle. In fact, I call him my poster boy for bernedoodles, as he graced the cover with me for my book, Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide. His puppies are turning out to be just as amazing as he is. They are fun, social, and loving pups. I’m very proud of this boy!

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