Huxley 100lbs. – 27″ tall


Huxley was bred at SwissRidge kennels. His parents are Nevaeh and Odin. He is a great mix between both of them!

Huxley lived with one of our imprint trainers for the first year of his life and this is what she has to say about his personality!
Huxley is a strikingly good-looking, very smart and silly boy! He is stubborn but oh so incredibly sweet and loyal, basically a huge Velcro strip stuck to my Lulu tights on most days. In the home he is laid back, bordering on lazy, preferring to mostly lounge closet by, but also willing to partake in a leisurely walk anytime the leash is in my hand – emphasis on leisurely!!! He definitely has FOMO which trumps the lazy gene hahaha!

Huxley loves attention, especially when the attention giver is willing to rub and scratch. He is VERY affectionate, cuddly and loves to be hugged. He also firmly believes that he is a lap dog, and is happy to demonstrate that belief whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Huxley also prioritizes food. Any food is good food to Huxley. And, the more of it, the better.

He will do absolutely anything I ask of him, especially when there is a delicious treat involved. He has his priorities in order, that one.

Huxley is also incredibly brainy and observant. As soon as he grew enough to be able to reach the fridge water dispenser with his paw, he began using it for a convenient refreshment anytime he was in the mood. I guess he didn’t feel the water served in his bowl was refreshing enough!

Huxley has been entertaining me with his goofy and sweet personality and temperament from the first day I brought him home. I adore him so much and I am so excited that he will be able to share his gorgeous looks, incredible temperament, and hilarious personality with the Swissridge community!

Lambo lbs. – ” tall

Apollo 107 lbs. – 25″ tall

Apollo isn’t the tallest Male Bernese at SwissRidge but he has lots of mass to him!
His legs are extremely thick, and he has a massive head. If he was walking in the forest by himself, from the back, he would be mistaken for a Bear.

He looks like a massive teddy bear. He loves to cuddle, laying with his two legs placed on someone’s lap as they scratch his ears!
Out of all the Male Bernese at SwissRidge Apollo is the more reserved one.  Even though he doesn’t look like it I would describe his personality as a little bit wimpy.

He has a soft, gentle and kind personality. With the girls, I always have to AI him because he will never make moves on them, lol! Maybe he has low testosterone. But you can tell he doesn’t want to dominate the girls. He is very respectful towards all the dogs and would rather roll over and submit then get in a conflict with any dog.

He is the type of dog that will give up his toys or bones to any dog that comes by. He will eat last. He is a very patient and calm boy! He is not that active. On hot days in the summer, he would rather relax inside than go for a trail walk. He does overheat very easily in the summer because of is thick coat. He loves the snow and in the winter, he seems to have more energy and wants to go on walks.

He can be goofy and silly at times but for the most part he is more reserved, calm and a dog who likes to chill. See the video below to get a feel for his personality!





Odin 107 lbs. – 27″ tall

Odin is one handsome boy! We imported this stunning pup from Europe with his sister Ophelia at 8 weeks of age. There are a few reasons I couldn’t resist puppies from these lines.
#1 Odin’s lines are very long lived. His mother is 11 years old and is still as healthy as can be. Bernese lines are not very long lived and for a Bernese to make it to 11 and still act like a puppy is impressive.
#2 Odin has a pedigree full of Good and Excellent hips. Even his vertical pedigree has very good hip scores. Well researched lines pay off as Odin’s hips are Excellent, Ophelia’s hips are Good and I know some of his brothers who went to America and they have good hips.
#3 his mother was awarded top breeding dog in 2018 and 2019 in the breeder’s breed club.
#4 I have been following puppies out of these lines for over 2 years before I purchased Ophelia and Odin and loved the look, health and what people had to say about them
#5 I fell in love with his fathers look (see his picture in the gallery). I have a soft spot for the Teddy Bear heads that some Bernese have. His father has this look.

Odin lives in a family home and comes to the kennel when we need him for breeding.
This is what they have to say about him:

“One word that best describes Odin is GOOFY!! He makes us laugh all the time from his facial expressions to his personality. He is very affectionate.
He always has to be touching you. When he’s getting his ears scratched or head rubbed, he must lean on you, and if you‘re not ready, all 107 lbs of him is flopping on to the ground. He’s so trusting that you will be able to support him. Same as when you ask him to sit, he scoots around and sits on your feet. He just loves his people so much he needs to be touching us.
He thinks he’s a lap dog trying to sneak up on our laps on the couch. He will sit there with his front paws on us and his back feet on the floor showering us with kisses or trying to nibble on our ears.
He loves to play with other dogs and is great with puppies. He is also great with kids. He is so gentle and patient. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, and run around with other dogs.
On a quiet evening, he’s happy to just lay on his bed chewing his bone.
The best words to describe him are GOOFY, SUPER AFFECTIONATE and Gentle Giant! We adore this goof ball and are excited that he will be able to share his good looks and amazing temperament with other SwissRidge clients”



110lbs. – 26″

Romeo AKA Hugo is an amazing, strong, solid and stunning Bernese. The head, body, coat and structure of Hugo is unbelievable! I feel very blessed to have him as part of our breeding program. We search high and low for the best pedigree, temperaments and looks in our dogs and Hugo has all of this. He is a European import. His pedigree is stacked full of Champions including not one, but two Crufts Champions (Best of Breed) in his 3 generation pedigree. From what we have researched he has over 4 generations (most likely more) of hip cleared parents (all scoring A or B) on their hip testing (these are European scores). It would be hard to find a more stacked pedigree then this with Cruft (BOB)Champions and good hip scores. Not only does he have a stacked pedigree his personality is just as perfect! Hugo is such a goof and keeps us laughing all day long. He has so much character and charisma. He lights up a room with his huge personality. You cant help but be in Awe when you are in his presence. Everything about him from his looks to personality is very captivating. He always has a smile on his face, is always happy, loves every dog and person and wants to interact with everyone he meets. His tail is always wagging, and he has so much love to give. He is super affectionate and enjoys sitting in our laps (all 110lbs) of him for cuddles. He is a social butterfly which is very important to look for as many lines of bernese can have a skittish part to their personality. He is also super smart and pickups on things very quickly. He loves to go on off leash walks. Sticks close to our side and never wonders too far. He is athletic, fit and loves exercise, but he is also super calm and can relax during down time. His personality is perfect in everyway. Anyone could own Hugo and this is what I look for in my breeding dogs. He is exceptional in every way! Im excited to introduce this big, amazing, goofy bear as the newest Bernese Stud!!!!

110lbs – 26″

Inspiration was imported into Canada from Europe in 2017. He soon acquired the name Teddy for is adorable, loving, sweet, affectionate nature. Not only does he cuddle like a Teddy bear he looks like one to. Teddy came straight off the plane after a 8 hour hull and fit instantly into our SwissRidge pack. He gets along with all the dogs whether they are male or female, old or young, and dogs of any personality type. He even gets along with intact males. He reminds me of “The King of the Jungle”. All the other dogs looks up to him, respects him and adore him more then anything. He has such a magnificent presence about him. The best words to describe him are kind, loving, affectionate, loyal, extremely calm and docile, friendly to everyone he meets, social and breathtaking. I have met a lot of Bernese in my 20 years of breeding them and this guy is very special. I don’t know how I got so lucky with him?!
His best trait is he loves to show his affection to everyone he meets with a giant bear hug. He will wrap his legs around your waist and hang on while you gentle stroke his head.
Teddy comes from impeccable lines. He has many Champions throughout his pedigree and over 5 generations back of health tested ancestry.
Teddy is going to produce the most spectacular bernedoodles and I look forward to sharing his pups with the world!

Duc 120 lbs. – 28″ tall

Duc is one of the most regal, spectacular, and handsome Bernese mountain dogs I have ever met. He is owned by my mom, and is the result of her very long search for a perfect sire.

My mother and I are very similar in our determination – we don’t stop until we get what we want. She finally found the perfect Bernese in France, and asked me to go and check him out. I was happy to do so and booked my flight immediately. I was blown away by the quality of the dogs at this kennel. My mom’s research had paid off. Duc is a stunning dog, and he has a phenomenal health-tested lineage.

I wish Duc were mine, but at least I’m fortunate to have access to him for my bernedoodle breeding program. I also receive first choice of any of his Bernese offspring from any of the litters he produces! I’m very blessed to have access to such amazing dogs with this kind of pedigree.

Social and playful, Duc is a massive beast who doesn’t know his own strength. This dog would have been quite adept at pulling carts in the Swiss mountains. Luckily, he is also gentle, caring, and loving. He adores people. He loves my mom and I, but also has a very special attraction to Lucas. I love that I can trust Duc with anyone. He’s great with kids, the elderly, and any small animal he encounters. All he cares about is being loved. And, of course, his food – this one’s a chowhound.

Duc comes from a stacked pedigree of champions and healthy, hip-tested parents. He has passed all his clearances. His ancestors over five generations back have been hip- and elbow-tested and cleared with exceptional scores. He’s an amazing asset to both our programs.

Colbert 95 lbs. – 25.5″ tall

Colbert is one of the finest Bernese mountain dogs I’ve ever encountered, and he has sired many amazing Bernese and bernedoodle puppies at SwissRidge.

His body structure is large and strong, designed for the draft and carting work for which the Bernese were initially bred. He has excellent conformation and his markings are striking. His hips are excellent, his elbows tested negative for dysplasia, and his heart is sound.

Colbert’s mother is Nellar, his grandmother is Veruschka, and his grandfather is an imported Belgian champion named Daiko, who are all owned by my mother. Colbert’s father is Dominique, who we imported from a fabulous kennel in France after a year-long wait. Since we have owned his lines for three generations, there is little room for surprise here! He comes not only from very solid, healthy lines, but also from very loving and gentle personalities. Colbert is confident, calm, and good-natured.

I have used many Bernese studs throughout the years to produce bernedoodle puppies, and with all of my experimenting in mixing poodles with different Bernese, I find that Colbert is an exceptional dog to mix into my poodle lines. This mix produces affectionate, calm, loving, and adorable family pets.

As a gentle giant, Colbert adores people and loves giving big bear hugs. When he gives you a hug, you definitely feel it! He loves rolling around in the snow and is very good with other dogs.

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