lbs. – ” tall

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Huxley 100lbs. – 27″ tall


Huxley was bred at SwissRidge kennels. His parents are Nevaeh and Odin. He is a great mix between both of them!

Huxley lived with one of our imprint trainers for the first year of his life and this is what she has to say about his personality!
Huxley is a strikingly good-looking, very smart and silly boy! He is stubborn but oh so incredibly sweet and loyal, basically a huge Velcro strip stuck to my Lulu tights on most days. In the home he is laid back, bordering on lazy, preferring to mostly lounge closet by, but also willing to partake in a leisurely walk anytime the leash is in my hand – emphasis on leisurely!!! He definitely has FOMO which trumps the lazy gene hahaha!

Huxley loves attention, especially when the attention giver is willing to rub and scratch. He is VERY affectionate, cuddly and loves to be hugged. He also firmly believes that he is a lap dog, and is happy to demonstrate that belief whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Huxley also prioritizes food. Any food is good food to Huxley. And, the more of it, the better.

He will do absolutely anything I ask of him, especially when there is a delicious treat involved. He has his priorities in order, that one.

Huxley is also incredibly brainy and observant. As soon as he grew enough to be able to reach the fridge water dispenser with his paw, he began using it for a convenient refreshment anytime he was in the mood. I guess he didn’t feel the water served in his bowl was refreshing enough!

Huxley has been entertaining me with his goofy and sweet personality and temperament from the first day I brought him home. I adore him so much and I am so excited that he will be able to share his gorgeous looks, incredible temperament, and hilarious personality with the Swissridge community!

Lambo lbs. – ” tall


Lambo is a sweet, gentle and stunning Bernese Mountain dog! We actually  changed his name a few times after he arrived. It was hard to find the perfect name for him. I wanted someone unique and luxurious just like I knew he would grow up to be. Finally after about 3 weeks of going back and forth between names we settled on Lamborghini AKA Lambo for short!
Lamborghini produces some of the finest and more luxurious cars and so far Lambo hasn’t fallen short. He has produced some stunning litters of puppies.

When first arriving to SwissRidge after his time spent in training, Lambo was the most chill, laid back 8 month old puppy, to the point that we where worried that he may have not been feeling well. But to this day that is just Lambo.  Lambo is a very relaxed and chill guy. He loves to go out in the yard and play with his buddies – especially chasing Ford around the yard. Lambo and Huxley are best buds and are always so excited when they are reunite to go out to play. They often start wrestling in the hallway before we even get them outside. Lambo loves to be outdoors, whether this is going for pack walks with his friends or laying in the yard under the trees but is equally as happy to come inside and have a nap. This guy loves to sleep. We often see him on his bed in all sorts of sleeping positions. Lambo is a big and beautiful boy. Alike most Bernese mountain dogs, Lambo sometimes forgets truly how big he is and stands on your toes, sits on your feet or jumps up to give you a big bear bug. He loves to be loved but he also has an independent side. He loves to be with people but is not constantly seeking out attention which I find to be a great attribute to help combat the separation anxiety trait that some dogs can have. If I had to pick some words that sum up Lambo’s personality “gentle giant” is the first thing that comes to mind.

Watch the video below to get a little more insight into his amazing personality!


Odin 107 lbs. – 27″ tall

Odin is one handsome boy! We imported this stunning pup from Europe with his sister Ophelia at 8 weeks of age. There are a few reasons I couldn’t resist puppies from these lines.
#1 Odin’s lines are very long lived. His mother is 11 years old and is still as healthy as can be. Bernese lines are not very long lived and for a Bernese to make it to 11 and still act like a puppy is impressive.
#2 Odin has a pedigree full of Good and Excellent hips. Even his vertical pedigree has very good hip scores. Well researched lines pay off as Odin’s hips are Excellent, Ophelia’s hips are Good and I know some of his brothers who went to America and they have good hips.
#3 his mother was awarded top breeding dog in 2018 and 2019 in the breeder’s breed club.
#4 I have been following puppies out of these lines for over 2 years before I purchased Ophelia and Odin and loved the look, health and what people had to say about them
#5 I fell in love with his fathers look (see his picture in the gallery). I have a soft spot for the Teddy Bear heads that some Bernese have. His father has this look.

Odin lives in a family home and comes to the kennel when we need him for breeding.
This is what they have to say about him:

“One word that best describes Odin is GOOFY!! He makes us laugh all the time from his facial expressions to his personality. He is very affectionate.
He always has to be touching you. When he’s getting his ears scratched or head rubbed, he must lean on you, and if you‘re not ready, all 107 lbs of him is flopping on to the ground. He’s so trusting that you will be able to support him. Same as when you ask him to sit, he scoots around and sits on your feet. He just loves his people so much he needs to be touching us.
He thinks he’s a lap dog trying to sneak up on our laps on the couch. He will sit there with his front paws on us and his back feet on the floor showering us with kisses or trying to nibble on our ears.
He loves to play with other dogs and is great with puppies. He is also great with kids. He is so gentle and patient. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, and run around with other dogs.
On a quiet evening, he’s happy to just lay on his bed chewing his bone.
The best words to describe him are GOOFY, SUPER AFFECTIONATE and Gentle Giant! We adore this goof ball and are excited that he will be able to share his good looks and amazing temperament with other SwissRidge clients”



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