105 lbs. – 24″ tall

Nelson is a golden retriever who was born and raised in Germany. He was imported into Canada at the age of 5. Nelson has an extremely impressive pedigree and comes from a highly sought after European breeder of English golden retrievers. Out of the 10 dogs in Nelsons 3 generations pedigree 8 of those dogs are Multi Champions. He also comes from a 5 generation pedigree full of good and excellent hip scores. Nelson is father to many purebred golden retrievers in Europe, 5 of which are multi champions (that I’m aware of). Nelson has achieved his Junior Hunter advanced title, while in Germany and has also won many best in class titles including becoming a national winner in September 2018! Nelson has the beauty, health tested lines and personality, any dog breeder would be lucky to own him! I scored big with this guys and I couldn’t have been luckier!

Nelson is a looker. The first thing you will probably notice is his ginormous head. Everyone comments on how beautiful and big his head is. It can’t go unnoticed. Then comes his extremely sweet, happy, go lucky personality. He wants to be everyones best friend and cuddle! He is a huge teddy! He has your typical golden retriever disposition. He is smart, playful, obedient, affectionate and LOVES to retrieve and wants to please. He doesn’t seem stubborn and is just happy to be with people and be loved on. When Nelson came to the kennel from Germany, he didn’t understand a thing we were saying. Our trainer worked with him to teach him his commands in English, which he learned extremely quickly. Nelson is extremely food motivated and very willing to please which made retraining him very easy. Nelson, a typical retriever usually eats his food as soon as he is given it and then often acts as though he is still hungry. He is the kind of guy that could trick someone into giving him a second breakfast, which he happily eats right away. If you drop a treat from above Nelsons head or throw it from far away, he will catch it almost every single time. Nelson is up for any adventure you’re willing to take him on. He loves to go hiking in the back trails. He will run way ahead of the group following his nose but always makes sure to come back and check in on what everyone else is up to. Nelson’s favourite activity is playing fetch, I’m pretty sure you could throw a ball all day for him and he would retrieve it. When you go to visit Nelson in the yard or in his kennel he gets so excited he quickly looks for something to bring to you in his mouth, whether it is a ball, bone or even his blanket. He is a true retriever and his hunting titles and confirmation titles show his talent and beauty!

Nelson is a big love bug and would love nothing more than to sit on your lap and get all the loving you are willing to give him. He is the type of dog any person could own. Even someone with 0 dog experience. He is just a laid back , easy going, mellow and sweet boy who loves love and affection. The best words to describe him are happy, go lucky, sweet and willing to please.

Sir Henry 78 lbs. – 25″ tall

Sir Henry is an English golden retriever who was imported from Germany at the age of five, and didn’t understand a word of English when he arrived! Luckily, he is very smart and quickly learned the basic commands. He arrived with many European Championship titles, and the paperwork to prove it!

He has a strong, stocky build that is highly favored in this European breed. In other words, he’s the perfect big, huggable, and adventurous dog! He is very agile for a golden and loves to run around in the open fields. Henry is the ideal companion and likes to spend every waking moment of his day with you. He plays well with other dogs due to his sweet and submissive temperament. He doesn’t care about being top dog; he just wants everyone to have a good time. This love bug will sneak in pats and kisses whenever you let him. He has so much to offer that there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t want to see passed down to his adorable offspring!

My kennel manager fell head over heels in love with him and has fostered him. He lives on a large farm with other dogs and horses, whom he gets along with very well. He comes back to the kennel and visits every once in a while or when it’s time for him to become a daddy again.

Monty 96 lbs. – 22″ tall

Monty is a handsome English golden retriever imported from Spain. He is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect golden retriever in every way. I really lucked out with him!

I spent a long time searching for the perfect male to add to my breeding program. I was looking for lines with great temperaments, health, and beauty, checking hip scores and making sure the pedigree was clear of hip dysplasia. I finally found a breeder that met my standards, only I had to wait almost a year for one of their stunning puppies!

In May 2006, I traveled to Spain to pick up Monty. His uncle Lucky Man is a Spanish champion, which is nearly impossible to achieve, as only two dogs a year are awarded this prestigious title. Monty’s dad was also the Top Winning Dog in 2004 in Spain and Monty succeeded in winning a Canadian Championship title of his very own.

I have been so blessed to share the past decade with this beautiful boy. He has brought us so much joy and happiness with his loving, silly personality. He is so easy-going, and nothing really seems to phase him. He goes with the flow and lives in the moment, but loves every moment. He loves adventure and is content in just about any situation you throw his way.

Monty is over ten years old now, and has produced many offspring. And he’s still going strong! The only time he sees the vet is during routine vaccinations and checkups. His offspring typically have very large heads and large bones and look like little polar bears. His puppies have a superb temperament: fun, playful, loving, gentle, and smart. If you are looking for English golden retriever puppies or English goldendoodle puppies, you will not be disappointed with this lineage!

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