Crumpet 24 lbs. – 15″ tall

Crumpet is one of my finest miniature poodles. I am honored to have him as part of my breeding program. As I’ve mentioned before, finding quality poodles is not an easy task. I’ve raised so many that didn’t make the cut into my program, but Crumpet exceeded all of my expectations. Not only is he a handsome, healthy little guy, but his temperament is also phenomenal! He produces amazing puppies time and time again, making clients happy all over the globe.

Before she passed at the age of 13, our resident cane corso, Maude, was Crumpet’s best friend. Long since retired from breeding, Maude kindly agreed to take on the role of raising Crumpet. A very calm and balanced dog, Maude was a great influence on Crumpet’s development and was quite proud of him. It was fun to watch them prance around the yard together, my miniature poodle following the big cane corso’s every move. They shared a bed and were always touching. Since Maude’s passing, Crumpet has found two new buddies – my other male poodles, Sting and Loki. You read that correctly…three intact male poodles living together in harmony! It sounds like a fairy tale and I would never believe it if I didn’t witness it myself, but it proves how amazing their personalities really are. I can even throw Levi into the mix and they all play together like best friends! It’s simply amazing!

Crumpet is very self-assured, never having issues with other dogs. He is the best friend to just about anyone he meets, but has no problem bowing down to a more dominant dog. He loves people and loves to be petted, but also has an independent side to him. Since he’s proven his ability to produce such amazing puppies, I decided to breed him to Coco to sire puppies specifically for my breeding program. It’s very difficult to find flawless poodles, and I feel like Crumpet and Coco are just about as close as you can get! I’m so excited whenever Crumpet has a new litter because I know there are going to be some very happy families out there with amazing new puppies!

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