Nevaeh 105 lbs. – 24″ tall

Nevaeh came with her sister Isla from an amazing breeder in the US who has many dogs imported directly from Europe and who also has some of my old lines in her kennel. I’m extremely happy to get some of my older lines, mixed with some amazing European gems, back into my kennel through Nevaeh!
Nevaeh’s mom is actually from my old lines. Nevaeh’s mom’s grandparents are Dominique and Nellar and her great grandparents are Daiko and Veruschka.  These are all dogs owned by either myself and my mother. Nevaeh is the 5th generation of these lines! Nevaeh’s pedigree is full of stunning, European Bernese from health tested lines!

Nevaeh grew up with one of our imprint trainers and family and it didn’t take long for them to fall completely in love with her. This is what they say about her:
She is a goofy, playful, loving, happy, and smart girl. Whenever we had puppies in the house, she would lay beside their crates and was so interested in them when they were playing. She would just lay there watching them and “talking” to them. She crouched right down to their level. It was amazing to watch. I know she is going to be such a great, loving mom.

She loves to be around people. She loved to greet us, not realizing her size. At full tilt, she would run and try to leap on top of us sitting in the chair. She could knock you over if you weren’t expecting her, lol. Then she would try to fit on our laps wanting her ears rubbed. She never jumped up on furniture any other time of the day. She just REALLY wanted to say hello. We would be on the ground with her and she would try to sit on our laps. She was always so gentle with our kids, never nipping them.

Nevaeh is very smart. She would pick up on commands very quickly and seemed proud. She always had a smile on her face.

She loved being outside! She loves going for walks and camping. She just loves being with her people and being one of her pack. There is just something special about her. She has a beautiful personality and when she retires as a SwissRidge breeding dog we are going to welcome her into our home!


80lbs – 22″ tall


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