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Due to Covid-19 we are unavailable to ship puppies or deliver puppies to the U.S. All of the puppies below can only be sold to families who live in Ontario and are available for local pickup only (no shipping).

Below are premium puppies that we kept from previous litters and are selling with training and no wait times!

Toby – SOLD

Toby is a Mini Australian Bernedoodle out of Maggie and Levi. He is currently in imprint training and is learning all his basic commands such as sit, down, come, stay, leave it, watch me, walking on a leash, crate training, socialization and puppy manners. He will be ready to go to her new home the first week of August.

Toby has a great little personality. He is a curious puppy who is very brave. For instance, the first time he was introduced to a kiddie pool he walked right in. First time on a trail walk in the forest he ran beside us and none of the new sites and sound bothered him. He is the leader and will be the first puppy to check out his new surroundings or investigate new objects. He is a very fun puppy. He is playful and active but is a puppy who you can pickup in your arms and he will snuggle right in. He is a very well rounded pup and would be good for a family who wants their dog to be part of their everyday life. He would be perfect for either city or country living. He would be good for a family with some dog experience and knows what expectation comes with raising and training a puppy.

Yoda – SOLD

Yoda is a male, Australian Bernedoodle out of Isabella and Jackson. He has completed almost 4 months of imprint training and he is almost 6 months old. He knows all his basic commands such as sit, down, come, stay, leave it, watch me, walking on a leash, crate training, place, socialization and puppy manners. He is fully vaccinated and comes with a 2 year health guarantee. He is ready to go home now!

Yoda is a really calm and sweet puppy, but he still has a lot of energy for training and play. He loves to play with other puppies, toys or even just by himself running around and playing outside. Yoda also loves to eat. He always sits waiting for his bowls in his crate. Yoda loves his pets and attention but can also be just as content sitting by your feet doing nothing. Yoda has been great with other dogs. He does a good job of adjusting his behaviour to the dog he’s playing with, depending on their age, size and temperament. I’ve never seen Yoda being too rough or playful with another puppy. Ever since Yoda was a little puppy he has gotten along very well with all of the other dogs and puppies he has met. One of my favourite things to do with Yoda is bath time. I’m not sure if Yoda even likes to be bathed but he definitely doesn’t complain. Yoda will always just sit or lay down in the bathtub, he never has any problems with the water and he does love to have shampoo lathered all over. Yoda also has no problems with the dryer; he will often just sit in my lap or on the floor and wait until he is done.

Yoda is very engaged and motivated during training, he does still need more practice but Yoda has a very good foundation. He knows most of the verbal cues and has done a very good job adding distractions, durations and distance to most commands.

Yoda is doing really well with sit, stay and come. He is responding very well to just the verbal cues for those commands and has been adding the most distractions to them. Yoda has also been working on sit from heel and while loose leash walking. For stay and come, Yoda has been able to add a lot of distance and duration.

Yoda has also been doing good work with the place command. He is still working on getting to just the verbal cue but overall he is doing great. He has continuously added duration and has allowed us to get further away from him while he stays.

Yoda has a bit more to work on with down. His execution of the command is great but sometimes he needs a little reminding with the physical cue. Yoda is still doing a good job of staying from down but it is not as smooth as his sits. Regardless, Yoda is staying from down for a good duration and with similar distance to his stays from sit.

Yoda is very good with the watch me command. He is very engaged during training and is always watching for what is coming next. When he does get distracted Yoda will refocus when his name is called or when given the cue for watch me. Yoda is also doing well with the leave it command. Even outside of training time, Yoda is very quick to drop or leave something when he is not supposed to. He responds very well to “leave it” or “no”.

Loose leash walking and heeling have also been going well for Yoda. He loves his walks and gets so excited whenever he sees his harness or leash. Yoda’s calm but playful personality and engagement for training are really noticeable when working on the leash and/or heel. While Yoda really wants to be chasing leaves or playing with kids he sees down the street, he always makes sure to keep some eye contact. Making sure he is listening and following along. Yoda has started to practice all of his commands while out on walks. This has really helped with distractions. At first Yoda was reluctant to train while out for walks but now he is almost expecting it. Always watching for what is coming next. Yoda has also done a great job practicing heeling. He is still not heeling right away or with the verbal cue all of the time, but once he is lured into the heel Yoda is doing very well.

Yoda would be the perfect puppy for most families. A family who has never had a dog before, an experienced family or a family with children. He is a really great puppy with an amazing personality.

His coat has a loose wave to it but I would not recommend him for anyone with moderate to severe allergies. Mild to no allergies will be fine.

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