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Older Dogs Available for Adoption

Bear is a 6 year old standard bernedoodle. We are looking for a country/farm home for Bear. He is an active dog and needs exercise. Running on a farm or being outside would be the perfect life for him. He is active but also loves to be with people and will relax indoors after a good hike or run. He is very affectionate and loving and wants to be with his owners all the time. He is fully trained (by our trainer Lucas). He does need to go with a family that has dog experience, understands dogs and will keep up with all the training he has received. He would do best with a couple or signal person, no small children. We will not ship Bear and he needs to stay within driving distance, no more then 8 hours from Schomberg, ON.


Scruff is a 13 week old, Mini f1b Bernedoodle out of Maggie and Levi. He is ready to go to his new home December 12th. He is a playful, energetic, loving, fun and smart puppy. He adores people and loves playing with other dogs. He is super smart and has picked up on many commands already like sit, down, come, stay, leave it, watch me and walking on a leash. He has been crate trained and is well on his way to being house trained. He is a small dog in a big dogs body. He is a dog that will be easy to take around with you but you can go on hikes and he has lots of stamina to keep up with his owners! He will be 25-35lb full grown.

Milo is a 2 year old mini f1b bernedoodle out of Maggie and Wookie.
He needs a country home in Ontario. We will not ship him.
He also needs a quite home that doesn’t have visitors coming and going all the time. He needs a person who understands dogs and has lots of dog experience. He is completely trained off leash under all distraction. He is  ecollar trained and whoever adopts him needs to come for a training seminar to learn how to continue with his training. He is house/crate trained and is great with other dogs!

Milo is an extremely affectionate, loyal and loving dog. He is extremely smart and very obedient. He is weary of strangers and does have a protective nature but this can all be managed through the training he has received. He LOVES the country life and is not a city dog so if you live in a city or suburb he is not the dog for you. Please only contact us about him if you live on a country property and in a quite home.

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