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Tito is a beautiful 6 month old tiny goldendoodle. She has been through 4 months of training and knows sit, down, come, walking on a leash, leave it, watch me and stay. She is great in her crate and is house trained. She has a very calm and loving personality. She is a gentle pup and would be great for a first time dog owner or a family with young children. She would suit any family looking for a easy, gentle, affectionate and loving puppy. This is your chance to skip the hardest stage in puppyhood and move right to having a well behaved, house trained dog! $13,500


We have a Australian Bernedoodle for sale. He will be around 20-30lbs full grown. He has had one vaccine, had regular deworming and he has been microchipped. He does have a very small umbilical hernia which is common in pups and if it doesn’t close on it’s own can be easily fixed when he is neutered. He is 10 weeks old. He has already started in our training program! He is being house and crate trained and is starting to learn basic commands like sit, down and walking on a leash. He is super smart and is picking up on these commands very well. For a puppy I would say he is on the calmer side. He loves to play outside but after 5 minuets of play he is good to come inside and chill by your feet. You can see from the pictures he loves sitting on the front step of the house in the shade. Email us for more pictures and attached is a video.

This sweet little pup out of Harley and Levi is available for sale. She is on the smaller side. I would guess she will be between 15-20lbs full grown. She is considered a tiny Australian Bernedoodle. She has had her first vaccine, has had regular deworming and has been microchipped.

This little girl has a very happy, fun and adventurous personality. When I pick her up in my arms she is as calm as can be and loves to soak up all the attention. She will snuggle into my arms and fall asleep. When I put her on the ground her goofy, clown like personality comes out. She loves to play and have fun. She likes being with people and will follow me around like a little shadow. She is great with other dogs. Right now she plays with a mini goldendoodle that I kept back that acts like her big sister. She is a very social puppy and would be fine living either a city or country lifestyle. She would be good for someone in an apartment as she will be tiny or a large house would be great for her as well. She is a very versatile pup and the nice thing about her is it is very easy to pickup and go anywhere with her! She does have a very tiny under bite that will not cause her any issues. She has a beautiful, wavy/fleece coat the will be good for allergies and will be very low to non-shedding. She is a puppy that will fit into almost any lifestyle. I know she will make a family very happy and bring many new and amazing memories and lots of laughter into whatever household she goes to.

We have an adorable Australian Bernedoodle out of Zepplin and Dorito available for sale. These 2 dogs always produce amazing pups in terms of looks and personality! He is ready to go home this week.

He will be in the 25-35lb range. He comes with his first vaccine, he is microchipped and has had regular deworming.

He has such an amazing personality. He is fun, playful, loving and very social. He adores people and loves other dogs.  He has a coat type that will not shed. He does have a very minor under bite that should not cause any issues. As you can tell from his pictures he is stunning and I know he will make a family very happy. He is a puppy that is very smart and you will not help but fall in love with!

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