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Older Dogs Available for Adoption

Ruckus is available for adoption. He is a f1b bernedoodle with a straight coat.
He was returned by his owner because he didn’t get along with their new puppy. He is a sweet and obedient boy. He is an active dog and needs to go to an active home. He knows commands like sit, down, come and stay.  He is house trained and crate trained. We are looking for a forever home for him.  The perfect family for him must: #1 have dog experience #2 not have another dog  #3 not have small children (either a couple, signal family or family with children over 15) #4 live on property where he has room to run. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines.
Price: $300

Davinci is available for sale. He is a 3 year old standard poodle. He is a super sweet dog. He is fun, energetic and goofy. He has been a breeding dog in our kennel for the last few years and now it is time for him to find a good retirement home. He loves people. He is an active boy and loves to go on off leash hikes and play with the other dogs in the yard. He is a kind and loving poodle. He is up to date on all vaccine, neutered, microchipped and registered. Looking for a country home or quite neighbourhood for him as he has never lived in a busy city. He has also never been around small children so a home with older kids or adults is preferred. I will not ship him. He needs to be picked up personally at the kennel. He is fully health tested. All health clearances and more pictures can be seen here
Price: $4500


Kyla is a female golden retriever who is retired from our breeding program. She is your typical golden, sweet, loving, gentle and very calm. She was born and raised at SwissRidge and only knows country living. The perfect home for her would be a quite and relaxed environment. A family with older kids, a single person or a couple who is looking for a calm, quite and gentle dog. She likes laying around and relaxing on her comfortable bed. She loves other dogs so a family with another dog would be perfect as well. I will not ship her so whoever would like to adopt her needs to pick her up in person. She is fully health tested. More information and health clearances can be seen here:

Price: $500

Odessa is a 5 year old female standard poodle. She has been retired from our breeding program and is looking for a forever home. Odessa is a smart, kind, loving, gentle and very thoughtful dog. She would fit well into any home. She can be active and playful but enjoys laying on a soft bed and sleeping all day as well. She has a very adaptable personality. She has been at SwissRidge since she was 8 weeks old and is use to a country setting and quite lifestyle. She gets along with all dogs and loves all people. She will fit well into any type of family but I would prefer her to go to a country home or suburb not a busy city. I will not ship her. Any family that adopts her will need to meet her personally first. She is spayed and fully health tested. All her health clearances and more pictures can be seen here:

Price: $3900

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