Upcoming Litters

These are the litters we’re currently expecting:

Standard Bernedoodles

Blossom x Grommet – Due April 27, 2017

Blossom has had past litters and all her pups have a similar demeanor of being calm, easy to train and great family dogs. Grommet is a small standard poodle and this will be his first litter. Blossom is the perfect Bernese to match him with as I know her pups always have solid and easygoing personalities. This matched with Grommet’s fun and goofy personality and zest for life means these pups will be the perfect family dogs.

Mini English Goldendoodles

Berlin x Sting – Due May 2, 2017

Berlin is an English golden retriever who I imported from Germany. She has had many adorable and loving puppies in the past. I have bred her to Sting, a toy poodle, in the past. I just love this pairing! I hear nothing but rave reviews about Berlin x Sting puppies from past clients. The pups are very easy to train, super intelligent, social, affectionate, great with kids, and very good family dogs. If you are a first-time dog owner or have small children, a Berlin x Sting pup would fit very nicely into your family!

Australian Goldendoodle

Gigi x Levi – Due May 10, 2017

Gigi was bred and raised at SwissRidge. She is out of a Carrie x Crumpet litter and sister to Dottie. This will be her first litter and I’m very excited to see what she will produce. Gigi is quite the character. She is a very affectionate and loving dog. She gets long with all people and all the other dogs. She loves going for off leash walks throughout the trails on our property and she loves playing with her sister, Dottie. She was bred to Levi, who is an Australian Labradoodle. He is one of the top sires at SwissRidge. He always produces top notch, healthy, beautiful and great tempered puppies!

Australian Bernedoodles

Landon x Levi - Due May 18, 2017

Landon is a stunning Bernese Mountain dog who was imported from France. She has had 1 previous litter and they where amazing puppies. I’m really looking forward to this litter as Levi will be the father. Levi is one of the top studs at SwissRidge, who has proven himself time and time again to produce beautiful, well tempered puppies.

English Goldnedoodles

Sundae x Henry - Due May 18, 2017

Sundae is a poodle from our own breeding here at SwissRidge kennels. She is a beautiful, regal poodle. Sundae was bred to my European champion stud “Sir Henry”. Henry is a handsome, docile, affectionate boy who wants love from everyone. His personality paired with Sundae’s zest for life is going to produce some outstanding puppies.

Mini Bernedoodles

Sophia x Crumpet - Due May 21, 2017



Sofia is Bernese Mountain Dog who we just imported from the US (pictures coming soon). She is on the smaller side for a bernese and a little different then most of our large, big boned Bernese but her larger then life personality makes up for it. She is super sweet, calm, loving, social and loves attention. She is a people dog and is happiest being right by our side. She was bred to Crumpet and I’m sure this pairing will produce some stunning Mini Bernedoodles.

Standard Bernedoodles

Cuddles x Grommet - Due May 26, 2017

Cuddles was bred to Grommet and I’m really looking forward to this litter. Both of these dogs where bred and raised right here at SwissRidge Kennels. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this amazing pair produces. Both dogs are affectionate and love all dogs and people. Cuddles gets her name because as a pup and still today she loves to cuddle. She thinks she is a lap dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of her pups are cuddly, teddy bears that love human affection just like their parents.

Standard Bernedoodle

Emma x Teddy - Due May 26, 2017


Emma is a poodle bred and raised at SwissRidge kennels. She is stunning! She has tri colors that so far have not faded and I really hope she produces this in her bernedoodle pups. She was bred to Teddy. Teddy is a fully health cleared and certified Bernese Mountain dog who I imported from Europe in March. He is a gentle giant. He is so calm, cool, collect and gentle. He has such an amazing presence about him that when he walks in the room everyone knows it. His favorite thing to do is greet everyone he meets with the biggest bear hug. I’m really looking forward to this litter and seeing what type of puppies Teddy produces. I can imagine that they will be nothing short of amazing if they are anything like Teddy!

Australian Bernedoodles

Hazel x Wookie - Due May 27, 2017

Hazel and Wookie…..everyone that works for me has dogs that they just click with. These are two dogs that totally have my heart and I click with. They are calm, affectionate, loving and seem to understand me. They are smart and very intuitive. I’m really excited to see the amazing puppies they produce and it’s going to be really hard not to keep one of these back for myself!

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